Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cat Gets Her Man Back { Homecoming }

I am not gonna lie... I cried a little too. Congratulations Love!!!

My Top 10 Images of 2011

These are in no particular order...

I love this image for a lot of different reasons, I love the flare from the sun, the look on her face, the perspective from the ground. This was also my first time freezing motion without a flash. Everything just came together perfectly.
 The reason this is in the top 10 has a lot to do with this being my very first wedding. It couldn't have turned out better. I remember being so nervous and it helped me realize in the end I was more than ready to take on the task of a couples big day. The confidence boost and the beautiful angles of this image are why it made it into the top 10.
 When I'm allowed to do something really creative and amazing it feeds my soul. It's the reason I got involved with photography in the first place. This will be one of my favorite images/sessions for a very very long time.

 My beautiful Catheryn made this image, she's my rocker girl and and amazing photographer in her own right. This was just from a day of playing around with some lighting and turned into one of my favorite images of all time.

 I think this image pretty much explains itself. How much cooler can you get?! This was from the Manhattan Zombie Walk. I got a ton of "favorites" from that day but this one takes the cake. I especially love that the guy in the bottom right hand corner has a package of ground beef? LOL

 This picture was weeks of planning and hours of prep. From finding the right vintage feeding chair and painting it yellow, to sewing each balloon by hand. It's one of those images that I love because after all the hard work by everyone involved the end result was exactly what we were hoping for.

 Justine Couldn't be more beautiful so that helps with the images of course, but the reason this is one of my favorites is because of the light and angles her body makes. It's just perfect to me.

 This image just couldn't be cuter. The look on her face, the outfit, the backdrop, it just all came together so nicely. This was also one of the first sessions I used something other than pure natural light on and it turned out amazing.

 I'm pretty sure you can guess why this is a favorite? Because it's super RAD? Oh yes! :) It took a good amount of time to get that ring to stay put and when it finally did we were jumping for joy. Plus the shoes for this wedding rocked.

This is one of those fashion type shots I love to get. Even though it was an engagement session the clothes and the location just pulled it all together for one of those whimsical sessions I love so much.

Must Love Dogs

Another one of my favorite couples. Elizabeth is an amazing photographer herself, and an avid animal lover like me. They have been the foster parents of Ranger here for awhile and were both happy and a little saddened about his upcoming adoption to a new forever home and wanted to have some memories of their time with Ranger. How sweet is that?!

Hudson Family

One of my favorite couples/families in the whole world <3

I love Maternity and sadly it isn't that often that daddy is home to share in the experience. So when he is I really take the opportunity to make it shine. I love the feel of these images.

C's Homecoming Ceremony

Peterson Family

Is this sweet little girl not the epitome of an adorable little Cabbage Patch Doll??? You can't get much cuter than that. This was just an awesome session on an unusually cold day this winter. The whole family were troopers!

R Family Homecoming Ceremony

I just love Homecoming Ceremonies. If they weren't so fickle on times I would do them all the time! I just love the editorial style candid moments I get to capture. The more family that attends the homecoming the more great moments I get to capture. I especially love capturing the interactions with children at the ceremonies and of course the moment when a spouse gets their other half back in their arms. Who could help but get emotional too?