Current Projects
Last Updated 6/22/2010

This is a list of current projects I am working on. Projects are ideas that I would like to do to specifically build my portfolio and hone my skills. Most of the time, a project is something that will push me to learn new things. Project sessions are FREE to anyone willing to participate. Participants will basically be "modeling" for me and providing a "prop" or backdrop I would otherwise not have access to. In return, participants receive all of the fully edited images I use from the session in a web-ready file format. No investment cost for a session, no other fees of any kind! However, I do want to let anyone thinking of participating know that if a participant or family member chooses to order prints they will pay regular price. Session & web ready digital images = absolutely free; Prints = regular price. If you're interested in one of my projects or know someone who is, shoot me an email!

Project Name: "UP"
Project Description:Remember when you were a kid and you thought "If I could just get enough balloons I bet I could float up into the sky"? Well, that is the idea behind this project. I want to capture that childhood dream. But I need a trampoline to get someone high enough into the air to make it look realistic.
Looking for: Parents with a child between the ages of 7 and 11. Girl or boy.
What I need you to provide: The trampoline
What I will provide: The mountain of balloons.
If you're interested: Email me at Put the name "UP" in the subject of your email. Send me a photo of your trampoline and let me know where on your property it is located, along with the name, age and a photo of the child to be considered for the project.

Project Name: "Beauty and the Beast"
Project Description: I'm wanting beautiful portraits of a girl and her horse to add to my portfolio. This is a concept I have always been in love with. I just haven't found the right girl with the right look yet. I'm looking for the sweet and sour country girl who can charm the pants off of anyone but still hang with the boys. Cute country style outfits with a modern twist. Simple summer dresses, boots, hats, etc... This concept is fairly open, outfits and accessories can be discussed once I find my girl!
Looking for: One girl, between the ages of 15 and 21. Has to be willing to collaborate and brainstorm with me on outfits and locations.
What I need you to provide: A horse!
If you're interested: Email me at Put "Beauty and the Beast" in the subject of your email. Include a picture of you, and a picture of your horse. Write a little bit about yourself and tell me why you'd like to be a part of this project.

Project Name: "Summer Rain"
Project Description: I'm pretty partial to sunshine and happy days. If it could be sunny each and everyday and just rain at night for something relaxing to fall asleep to I'd be a pretty happy camper. But I know from seeing some amazing photographers shots of the rain, that rain is beautiful too. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone of sun and flowers and make it fun for all involved too. What kid doesn't love playing in the rain or splashing around in the puddles? And how cool would it be to know mom or dad isn't going to get mad that they're soaked? :)
Looking for: Parents with 2-4 girls under the age of 10. Must be fairly available on short notice so I could call on a rainy day and get this one done. :)
What I need you to provide: Cute rain boots and umbrellas (preferably pink).
I will provide: The pink tutu's and accessories!
If you're interested: Email me at Put "Summer Rain" in the subject of your email. Let me know how many daughters/nieces/little cousins you have for the shoot, their ages, and what you're schedule looks like for June.

Project Name: "Second Chance Bride"
Project Description: When you get married, your wedding day is something that is out of this world special. No reenactment or reproduction could compete with the real memories of the day you married your hero and best friend. But I find that sometimes brides never get the proper shots they deserve, or maybe they're like me and think "Did I really spend $2000 on that dress collecting dust in my closet?". :) I want to give a bride a second chance portrait session. I want to do an "on top of the world" theme somewhere at the top of the Flint Hills. If the "second chance groom" can participate that would be even better! I am a sap, I am in love with love. Everything about it makes my heart melt... and I really want to get some unique ways of expressing it.
Looking for: An adorably in love couple
What I need you to provide: You're beautiful dress, grooms outfit if he can participate, and shoes.
I will provide: Accessories, beautiful location, and makeup if the participant wishes.
If you're interested: Email me at Put "Second Chance Bride" in the subject of your email. Send me a picture of you and your spouse and a short description of yourself and why you'd like a second chance at portraits.

Project Name: "The Art of Love"
Project Description: I love art, I love people who love art. I especially love people who love art who are in-love! :) Still with me? I'm looking for a unique couple who wants some crazy engagement shots. Or maybe you aren't engaged yet but still want some pictures celebrating your love for each other. Both work for me! I want to make this a paint war to end all paint wars! I want a couple who's not afraid to have the person they love splatter them in vibrant paint colors. By the end of the session, I want this couple to look like they were inside a paint factory that blew up!
Looking for: One unique, fun loving couple who's not afraid to get "a little" dirty.
What I need you to provide: Simple outfits you're not afraid to get dirty and LOTS of energy!
I will provide: The paint
If you're interested: Email me at Put "The Art of Love" in the subject of your email. Send me a picture of you and your significant other and write a little bit about yourself and why you'd like to participate in a more unique couples shoot.

Project Name: "Wet & Wild"
Project Description: Summer is here!!! I will be the first to admit that shooting for two hours in the sun and heat, although fun, can wear you down. It can be especially difficult on children. So what better way to get through a shoot than to soak yourself the whole time? Personally I'm not sure if there is a more fun way!
Looking for: A fun family who wants to spend a day in the sprinklers and running down slip'n'slides. Fully clothed or in bikinis. Either way I think this shoot would be a blast for all involved. *NOTE: Children who participate in the slip'n'slide must be over the age of 5 as the game suggests. MBP is not liable for accidents due to water slides or slip'n'slides.*
What I need you to provide: Slip'N'Slide, sprinklers, any other water games are not only welcome but encouraged! A larger outdoor area with access to a hose for the water games.
I will provide: Bubbles and ice cream!
If you're interested: Email me at Put "Wet and Wild" in the subject of your email. Let me know how many people in your family could participate in this project, what types of water games you could provide, and where you are located in the area.

Project Name: "Rides With Rust"
Project Description: My idea centers around that country, old-school, rustic feel. My vision is to create a more modern unreal look with my model through hair, makeup, and clothing and then set her in a scene that is so natural and old. The model poses next to a rusted out beat up car with crazy makeup and hair. I want it to confuse high fashion rock couture and regular portraiture until they blend together.
Looking for: 1-2 girls between the ages of 16 & 24. Must be willing to collaborate on outfits and be willing to try out makeup and hair concepts.
What I need you to provide: Outfits (I'm thinking rocker liquid leggings and bright dresses or tunic tops). A rusted out car on your property... Or you know someone with a rusted out car who wont mind us stomping around on their property for a few hours :) I'm hoping for lots of overgrowth around the car (see picture provided) but it's not absolutely necessary.
I will provide: Hair & Makeup
If you're interested: Email me at Put "Rides With Rust" in the subject of your email. Send me photos if possible of the car you have in mind and the location of the car, as well as the names and ages of the girl(s) that want to participate in the project.
Special Group Project

Project Name: "Mud Monster Ball" *IOWA ONLY*
Project Description: This is for central Iowa residence only. UNLIMITED participants! Anyone can come out and enjoy! This project will be completed this July. Specific days are still being discussed and will be announced once I get enough people to participate. Basically, I'm wanting to get a large group together to have a mud war. Even in July I think we can find some great mud spots after a storm. I already have a few confirmed "guests" attending this function. I want everyone to get as dirty as possible! Of course my camera and I are completely off limits people! :)
Looking for: Absolutely anyone interested in meeting new people, having fun, and not afraid of getting dirty... REALLY dirty.
What I need you to provide: Just yourself! Bring friends if you would like!
I will provide: The muddy location
If you're interested: Email me at Put "Mud Monster Ball" in the subject of your email. Tell me where in Iowa you are located (I'm going to try to pick a central location between all who plan to participate). I will save your email information and send out notifications about the project, location and scheduled dates as they come.
Thanks for looking! I hope one of these projects sparks your interest. I am very excited to be able to offer things like this. I think the main key to any business is building a link with the community. When I get to work with people closely to make an idea become real it's like magic.
~Melisha Blair