Friday, June 4, 2010

{Batton} Family

You know, I thought my goal was to be shooting high fashion editorial shots after I became established... the kind of stuff I used to live to model for or do makeup for (yep, I've been in this industry in various ways for over 7 years!) lol. Why do you think I'm so in love with it?

Anyway, I've learned that I get the most satisfaction from shooting real people and getting photos that tell a real story and show their personalities. I really loved working with this family. They were cool, fun, and inspirational. Their children where not only adorable but probably the most polite kids I've met in a long time. Manners are the way to my heart :) Everything from the bubbles to the silly-faced family portraits had my mind flowing with creativity and I was totally in the zone! A big thanks to the {B} Family, you guys seriously rock.

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