Friday, May 28, 2010

Kansas is Beautiful too! :)


Yesterday I braved the heat to take an hour hike through "my" favorite spot. I'm kind of possessive... so when I like something I invariably refer to it as "Mine" :) But I share!

I love this place. It's my favorite place to go and relax, catch out some beautiful scenery, walk my dog, and (just lately) fish. I wanted to give a preview of this location to a Client I am just so excited to work with. Such a sweet awesome girl and I can't wait for our session. I wasn't expecting to get anything really special. My sole purpose was to give her an idea of the surroundings... When I got home and looked at the RAW images I was so happy! The camera (with a little help from me I suppose) really got the scene exactly as I see it and enjoy it all the time. I just wanted to post my favorite 4 that I got. Enjoy!


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