Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's a Pug Life

Oh, who doesn't love a cute puppy?! I'd say on the list of "Things I love", animals would be in the top 5. Pugs especially, I mean just LOOK at those two faces! Zombie (Black Pug) is my "Son", and Lola (Fawn Pug) is his girlfriend.

Many people don't see a point in "Pet Photography", but in my personal opinion it is no different to me than capturing images of a child for a parent. My Zombie is a part of my family, I have photos of him plastered just about everywhere in my home and I'm always showing him off to strangers with the help of my iPhone. And have you ever tried to capture a photo of a hyper dog outside on a nice day? It's not easy folks! :) Thankfully, Pugs can only run around for so long before they get tired and are more manageable.

If you are looking to get some cute shots of your favorite friend contact me at about special pricing. If you have a Pug I might even throw in a little extra!

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